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Jeff Hollan

Senior Program Manager Lead, Azure Functions at Microsoft (Azure)


Jeff works as part of the Azure engineering team based at Microsoft in Redmond. When he’s not busy helping the Functions team deliver new and exciting capabilities to developers, Jeff can be found presenting at major conferences and meetups around the world, including keynoting ServerlessConf in San Francisco. Jeff has worked across a range of engineering teams and is a key member of the global serverless community. He hosts the Azure Functions channel on YouTube, is involved with the KEDA project and can be reached via Twitter @jeffhollan.

A serverless tipping point

New technologies arise every year. Some come and leave in a flash, while others shape how the world builds software. Where does serverless fit in the mix? Serverless has already created ripples in the ecosystem, but the major tipping point is yet to be seen. Understand how organizations and teams are beginning to shift their thinking from the bleeding edge of serverless to a brand new serverless paradigm that will enable developers to build applications across every scenario more powerfully than ever.

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