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Nelly Sattari

Lead Developer at Challenger Limited


Nelly Sattari is a lead developer who has been always in IT industry in her entire career. Web development is her main focus along with leading the front-end side of Sitecore CMS websites. So interested in sharing her knowledge and forming internal knowledge-sharing communities by running Brown Bags at work, supporting meetups, user groups ,and mentoring women in tech.

Real-time serverless applications using Azure SignalR Service

Applications that use real-time updates increase the fairness and data transparency among your users, and the bi-directional interactions between connected clients and server helps reduce the bursting traffic challenges introduced by traditional web-style interactions. Traditionally, it was not possible to go Serverless with real-time applications. However, by leveraging Azure SignalR Services you, can build Serverless solutions and enjoy building modern Real-time applications. In this session Nelly will demonstrate how developers can quickly build a solution for real-time apps with Azure’s SignalR Service and using serverless technology in the Azure cloud with Azure App Services, Azure Storage and Azure Functions.

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