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Steve O'Grady writes in The New Kingmakers that the most successful companies today are those that understand the strategic role that developers will play in their success or failure.

The Serverless paradigm enables organisations to ship features faster without compromising on security or availability. Small teams of developers have never been more productive and never had a bigger impact on their organisations.

ServerlessDays events are attended by these developers pushing the boundaries of new technology to the advantage of the organisations they work for. The best way to sum up the ServerlessDays community is to quote Steve Ballmer. “Developers! Developers! Developers!”. If you want to get in front of an audience of forward thinking developers, whether you’re looking to promote your products & services or looking to hire, then ServerlessDays is the event for you.

ServerlessDays Sydney has a new venue, and increased capacity. We're expecting 150 forward thinking developers and engineers to join us on 27 August at Darlinghurst Theatre Company in Darlinghurst, Sydney.

Download the prospectus now or email sydney@serverlessdays.io for more information.

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